Commit 1f2bc64f authored by Rob Clark's avatar Rob Clark

freedreno/a4xx: deal with VS which do not write position

Fixes $piglit/bin/glsl-1.40-tf-no-position

a3xx may need similar?
Signed-off-by: default avatarRob Clark <>
parent a6ad3020
......@@ -229,6 +229,13 @@ fd4_program_emit(struct fd_ringbuffer *ring, struct fd4_emit *emit,
constmode = 1;
pos_regid = ir3_find_output_regid(s[VS].v, VARYING_SLOT_POS);
if (pos_regid == regid(63, 0)) {
/* hw dislikes when there is no position output, which can
* happen for transform-feedback vertex shaders. Just tell
* the hw to use r0.x, with whatever random value is there:
pos_regid = regid(0, 0);
posz_regid = ir3_find_output_regid(s[FS].v, FRAG_RESULT_DEPTH);
psize_regid = ir3_find_output_regid(s[VS].v, VARYING_SLOT_PSIZ);
if (s[FS].v->color0_mrt) {
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