Commit 06ffbdbb authored by Jesse Natalie's avatar Jesse Natalie Committed by Erik Faye-Lund
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spirv: FIXUP, move access variable earlier in vtn_handle_image

parent d8a5c537
......@@ -2892,6 +2892,7 @@ vtn_handle_image(struct vtn_builder *b, SpvOp opcode,
struct vtn_image_pointer image;
SpvScope scope = SpvScopeInvocation;
SpvMemorySemanticsMask semantics = 0;
enum gl_access_qualifier access = 0;
struct vtn_value *res_val;
switch (opcode) {
......@@ -3097,7 +3098,6 @@ vtn_handle_image(struct vtn_builder *b, SpvOp opcode,
* chains to find the NonUniform decoration. It's either right there or we
* can assume it doesn't exist.
enum gl_access_qualifier access = 0;
vtn_foreach_decoration(b, res_val, non_uniform_decoration_cb, &access);
nir_intrinsic_set_access(intrin, access);
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