Commit cd5ea6f4 authored by Manish Kumar's avatar Manish Kumar
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Fix to Improve link to patchwork's homepage

Signed-off-by: Manish Kumar's avatarManish Kumar <>
parent 64202a19
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......@@ -61,9 +61,11 @@
<span class="icon-bar"></span>
<span class="icon-bar"></span>
<span class="navbar-brand"><a
href="{% url 'root' %}">
Patchwork{% if project %} {{}}{% endif %}</a>
<span class="navbar-brand">
<a href="{% url 'root' %}">Patchwork</a>
{% if project %}
<a href="{% url 'series_list' project=project.linkname %}">{{}}</a>
{% endif %}
{% block heading %}{% endblock %}
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