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Now that we're using GitLab, let's take advantage of the "landing page"
README feature with some minimal information, mostly to point people to
the right resources.
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`Mesa <>`_ - The 3D Graphics Library
This repository lives at
Other repositories are likely forks, and code found there is not supported.
Build status
.. image::
.. image::
.. image::
Build & install
You can find more information in our documentation (`docs/install.html
<>`_), but the recommended way is to use
Meson (`docs/meson.html <>`_):
.. code-block:: sh
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ meson ..
$ sudo ninja install
Many Mesa devs hang on IRC; if you're not sure which channel is
appropriate, you should ask your question on `Freenode's #dri-devel
<irc://>`_, someone will redirect you if
Remember that not everyone is in the same timezone as you, so it might
take a while before someone qualified sees your question.
The next best option is to ask your question in an email to the
mailing lists: `mesa-dev\
Bug reports
If you think something isn't working properly, please file a bug report
(`docs/bugs.html <>`_).
Contributions are welcome, and step-by-step instructions can be found in our
documentation (`docs/submittingpatches.html
Note that Mesa uses email mailing-lists for patches submission, review and
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