Commit d5f9d0d5 authored by Kovid Goyal's avatar Kovid Goyal

Add a sentence motivating IME handling

parent ae33222b
......@@ -68,6 +68,9 @@ The new mode works as follows:
modes, such as using the ``AltGr`` or ``Option`` keys must be sent as UTF-8
representations of the characters. So for example, pressing ``Option+b`` in
the US layout on a mac would generate the UTF-8 bytes for the ∫ symbol.
This way terminal applications do not need to care about keyboard layouts
or extended input modes, text entry even for arbitrary keyboard layouts and
languages, just works, out of the box.
* For non printable keys and key combinations including one or more modifiers,
an escape sequence encoding the key event is sent. For details on the
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