1. 23 Jan, 2023 6 commits
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      d/wmr: Fix grammar · 4709ab85
      Moses Turner authored
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      d/ohmd: Get rid of enum alias · 87680c69
      Christoph Haag authored
      The last enum index was used to determine the size of the inputs array.
      The "clever" solution of aliasing enum values saved a minor amount of space
      when allocating the xrt_device, while still allowing to dynamically assign
      any input profile.
      It also has drawbacks of being confusing and making it impossible to
      validate that inputs from the correct xrt_input_name is requested.
      Therefore just get rid of it, the minor space savings is not worth it.
      fixes 2be4cbf4
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      aux/binding: Implement optional "steamvr_controllertypes" for SteamVR input bindings · 887b770f
      Mario Kleiner authored and Christoph Haag's avatar Christoph Haag committed
      Add an optional switch -s or --steamvr to steamvr_profiles.py, which enables
      a different naming scheme for the "controller_type" field in the generated
      SteamVR profile json files.
      If the switch is provided and an interaction profile in bindings.json
      provides the optional new property "steamvr_controllertype", that property
      will be used for the "controller_type" field of the written out .json,
      instead of the regular auto-generated name.
      This allows to generate json files which use controller_type names normally
      used by SteamVR, so Monado provided controllers are mapped to the same
      OpenXR interaction profiles that SteamVR would normally map them to.
      E.g., the standard controller_type for Oculus touch controllers used by
      SteamVR is "oculus_touch" instead of Monado's "monado_oculus_touch_controller".
      That in turn allows OpenXR clients to use the SteamVR/OpenXR runtime to
      access controllers provided by Monado's SteamVR driver plugin. Without such
      compatible json files, only standard OpenVR clients can use controllers
      exposed by Monado's SteamVR driver by default, but not OpenXR clients.
      Tested with an Oculus Rift CV-1, and shown to now enable OpenXR clients
      to make full use of the Oculus touch controllers.
      The mappings for controllers other than Oculus Touch are derived from
      SteamVR log output, but not actually tested due to lack of suitable hw.
      Per discussion for the merge request, we enable this '-s' flag by
      default in the make file for SteamVR style naming scheme.
      Signed-off-by: Mario Kleiner's avatarMario Kleiner <mario.kleiner.de@gmail.com>
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      aux/binding: Implement optional "steamvr_path" for SteamVR input bindings · d3893c22
      Mario Kleiner authored and Christoph Haag's avatar Christoph Haag committed
      When using the Monado SteamVR driver plugin together with an Oculus
      Rift CV-1 and Oculus touch controllers, the grip / squeeze sensors
      (e.g., /user/hand/left/input/squeeze/value) and the thumbsticks did not
      This because SteamVR expects those controls to be exposed under a
      different path than what one would use for OpenXR, e.g.,
      OpenXR /input/squeeze --> SteamVR /input/grip and
      OpenXR /input/thumbstick --> SteamVR /input/joystick
      The same is true for some other controller types.
      To fix this, add some new code for input subpath substitution, to perform
      this remapping, depending on binding type:
      For type "trigger":  Substitute squeeze with grip
      For type "joystick": Substitute thumbstick with joystick
      For rare controller types where this would be the wrong thing to do,
      e.g., Valve Index (for type "joystick", needs the path to remain
      "thumbstick" as before), and for special cases not covered, we add
      a new optional parameter 'steamvr_path' which can be used in bindings.json
      to handle such mismatches in path flexibly to allow a dedicated path
      name for SteamVR, overriding the regular "OpenXR style" input path or
      auto-substituted path is if the parameter is omitted.
      This makes the Oculus Rift CV-1 touch controllers fully work under SteamVR.
      I haven't tested this with other controllers, as I only have Oculus
      controllers for testing atm. But after reading about the HTC Vive controllers,
      i did add a "steamvr_path" override for /input/menu -> /input/application_menu.
      Cfe. https://github.com/ValveSoftware/openvr/wiki/IVRDriverInput-Overview
      Also, a minor typo fix in steamvr_profiles.py as a bonus.
      Signed-off-by: Mario Kleiner's avatarMario Kleiner <mario.kleiner.de@gmail.com>
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      d/ohmd: Fix input from controls_mapping[0]. · 50f7b5ba
      Mario Kleiner authored and Christoph Haag's avatar Christoph Haag committed
      Use INPUT_INDICES_LAST instead of 0 for checking if control_mapping[i]
      is unassigned for index i, ie. for skipping input.
      As 0 is a valid mapping assignment defined in "enum input_indices", this
      lead to dead input for SIMPLE_SELECT_CLICK and OCULUS_TOUCH_X_CLICK, both
      assigned to 0.
      This commit makes the Oculus Rift CV-1 left touch controllers X-Button
      work in Monado OpenXR native and SteamVR via. Monado driver plugin.
      Signed-off-by: Mario Kleiner's avatarMario Kleiner <mario.kleiner.de@gmail.com>
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      h/mercury: Remove kine_ccdik optimizer · 946141ce
      Moses Turner authored and Moses Turner's avatar Moses Turner committed
      Goodbye, sweet prince.
      This was my first attempt at the "optimizer" piece of our optical hand tracking, and it *did work* dammit! It just wasn't anywhere near as flexible or efficient as Levenberg-Marquardt.
      It's worse in every way to the `kine_lm` optimizer, and getting hard to maintain, so we're getting rid of it. Gone, but never forgotten.
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