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......@@ -296,6 +296,7 @@ AC_CONFIG_FILES([
man_MANS = dbus-binding-tool.1
\ No newline at end of file
'\" te
.TH dbus-binding-tool 1 "26 Feb 2009" "SunOS 5.11" "User Commands"
.TH dbus-binding-tool 1 "8 Oct 2018" "@PACKAGE_STRING@" "User Commands"
dbus-binding-tool \- C language GLib bindings generation utility\&.
dbus-binding-tool \- C language dbus-glib bindings generation utility\&.
\fBdbus-binding-tool\fR [-\fB-force\fR] [-\fB-help\fR] [-\fB-ignore-unsupported\fR] [-\fB-mode=\fIpretty|glib-client|glib-server\fR\fR] [-\fB-output=\fIfile\fR\fR] [-\fB-prefix=\fIsymbol-prefix\fR\fR] [-\fB-version\fR] [\fB\fIfile\fR\fR\&...]
\fBdbus-binding-tool\fR is used to expose a GObject via D\-Bus\&. As input,
\fBdbus-binding-tool\fR is used to expose a GObject via D\-Bus\&, using
the deprecated \fBdbus-glib\fR binding for GLib. As input,
\fBdbus-binding-tool\fR uses a D\-Bus Introspection XML file\&. As output,
the client-side or server-side bindings is generated\&. This output is a header
file which eases the use of a remote D\-Bus object\&. Output is sent to standard
......@@ -257,38 +258,33 @@ The following files are used by this application:
.ne 2
\fB\fB/usr/bin/dbus-binding-tool\fR \fR
\fB\fB@bindir@/dbus-binding-tool\fR \fR
.in +32n
Executable for the D\-Bus Binding Tool application\&.
.sp 1
.in -32n
See \fBattributes\fR(5)
for descriptions of the following attributes:
tab() allbox;
cw(2.750000i)| cw(2.750000i)
lw(2.750000i)| lw(2.750000i).
Interface stabilityVolatile
Written by Brian Cameron, Sun Microsystems Inc\&., 2009\&.
\fBdbus-binding-tool\fR is part of \fBdbus-glib\fR, which is a deprecated D-Bus
binding for GLib.
dbus-glib receives minimal maintenance and security fixes for the benefit
of projects like Telepathy and NetworkManager that still rely on it, but
should not be used in new projects (and existing projects should try
to move away from it, too). Please use GDBus, part of GLib since 2.26.
\fBgdbus-codegen\fR(1) is the GDBus replacement for \fBdbus-binding-tool\fR.
Man page written by Brian Cameron, Sun Microsystems Inc\&., 2009\&.
...\" created by instant / solbook-to-man, Thu 26 Feb 2009, 19:15
...\" LSARC 2006/368 D-BUS Message Bus System
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