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Signed-off-by: Simon McVittie's avatarSimon McVittie <>
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dbus-glib is deprecated, please use GDBus in new GLib-based projects.
dbus-glib 0.111 (UNRELEASED)
dbus-glib 0.112 (UNRELEASED)
dbus-glib version control is now hosted on's Gitlab
installation, and bug reports and feature requests have switched from
Bugzilla bugs (indicated by "fd.o #nnn") to Gitlab issues
("dbus-glib#nnn") and merge requests ("dbus-glib!nnn"). See README and for more details.
• Rewrite document, based on Wayland's equivalent
(Simon McVittie, with thanks to Ander Conselvan de Oliveira,
Bryce Harrington, Eric Engestrom, Pekka Paalanen and Daniel Stone
for their contributions to the equivalent file in Wayland)
• A generated ChangeLog file, which made up a significant proportion of
the size of source tarball releases, is no longer included. Please
refer to the git repository at for detailed change
history. (Simon McVittie)
• Improve man page (dbus-glib!1, Alan Coopersmith)
• Add test coverage for fd.o#80557 (dbus-glib#1, Simon McVittie)
• Improve continuous integration to be run by GitLab in addition to
Travis-CI (Simon McVittie)
• Allow glib-genmarshal to be overridden with
`./configure GLIB_GENMARSHAL=/path/to/glib-genmarshal`, for
cross-compilation (dbus-glib!2, Yann E. MORIN)
• Avoid a double-free in dbus-binding-tool for certain inputs, possibly
involving nested introspection data structures (dbus-glib#9, Zhipeng Xie)
• Report a better error for excessive recursion depth or unsupported
data types (dbus-glib#1, Simon McVittie)
• Map the 15 most-recently-added DBusGError members to their corresponding
D-Bus error names (dbus-glib#1, Simon McVittie)
• Mark all documented symbols as deprecated
(Simon McVittie)
• Fix unit test failures during distcheck by enabling assertions
(Simon McVittie)
dbus-glib 0.110 (2018-01-29)
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