Commit 3590c756 authored by Kaleb Keithley Keithley's avatar Kaleb Keithley Keithley
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defect #199 in Fix broken UTF-8 support. In renaming...

defect #199 in Fix broken UTF-8 support. In renaming non-standard additions to Xlib made by XFree86, i.e. UTF-8 converters, I renamed more things than I should have.
parent 6a04b283
......@@ -925,7 +925,7 @@ extern XLCd _XlcGenericLoader(
/* The UTF-8 locale loader. Suitable for UTF-8 encoding.
Uses an XLC_LOCALE configuration file. */
extern XLCd _XFree86lcUtf8Loader(
extern XLCd _XlcUtf8Loader(
const char* name
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