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      Document EGL vendor ICD search paths · 58e0fda4
      Simon McVittie authored
      The behaviour of a relative `library_path` is deliberately left
      unspecified here. As an implementation detail, it's currently
      passed directly to `dlopen()`, so in practice it will be interpreted as
      relative to the process's current working directory, but that doesn't
      seem practically useful. Vulkan treats relative paths as being relative
      to the JSON file in which they were found, which seems more likely to
      be a helpful behaviour.
      Otherwise this documents the current behaviour, without any of the
      possible changes suggested on #187. If any of those changes are made,
      then this document should be updated at the same time.
      Signed-off-by: Simon McVittie's avatarSimon McVittie <smcv@collabora.com>
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      configure: Allow specifying the page size. · 8c4b386d
      Kyle Brenneman authored
      The configure script now checks the environment variable GLDISPATCH_PAGE_SIZE.
      If it's set, then it overrides the GLDISPATCH_PAGE_SIZE macro used in
      libGLdispatch to align the assembly dispatch stubs.
      This is mainly useful on ppc64le and aarch64 builds, where the page size can
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      Update GL and GLX header and XML files. · e67d3241
      Kyle Brenneman authored
      Updated the OpenGL and GLX header and XML files to the Khronos repository, from
      commit 08749e62826f34ba2e6e3733af545895f23e784b.
    • Kyle Brenneman's avatar
      Add pkg-config files for EGL, GL, GLES, and GLX. · 0dfaea2b
      Kyle Brenneman authored
      This preserves the names from Mesa's gl, glesv1_cm, glesv2, and egl pkgconfig
      data, and for compatibility with that, gl.pc gives you libGL.
      Also added glx.pc and opengl.pc for libglvnd's libGLX and libOpenGL libraries.
      If newer applications want to explicitly depend on libGLX and the appropriate
      rendering API they can ask for the new pkgconfig names.
      Note that the version numbers in each file are the API versions that each
      library exposes, not the libglvnd package version.
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    • Kyle Brenneman's avatar
      Merge pull request #171 from skirank/master · f92208be
      Kyle Brenneman authored
      AARCH64 : Fix address passed to clear cache
    • Sai Kiran Korwar's avatar
      AARCH64 : Fix address passed to clear cache · 9948df63
      Sai Kiran Korwar authored
      The entrypointExec address is modified before being passed to
      clear_cache function. We do a small add/subtract for ARMv7 in
      order to enable Thumb mode. This is not required for Aarch64 as
      it does not support Thumb mode. Since we were not adding anything,
      do not subtract as well before passing the address to clear_cache.
      This was causing a crash while calling glXGetProcAddress.
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      Remove a couple of duplicate typedefs. · 012fe39e
      Kyle Brenneman authored
      GL_OES_EGL_image section.
      GL_VERSION_1_4 section.
      GL_OES_EGL_image is defined in GLES/glext.h and GLES2/gl2ext.h, and the
      GLeglImageOES typedef is also defined in GL/glext.h under
  17. 20 Sep, 2018 1 commit
    • Kyle Brenneman's avatar
      tests: Add tests for the multithreaded path in libGLdispatch · bed48a10
      Kyle Brenneman authored
      This is important for testing the TSD stubs, which have a separate fast path
      for single-threaded programs.
      The TSD stubs start with a simple global variable to hold the dispatch table
      so that a single-threaded program doesn't have to deal with the overhead of
      calling pthread_getspecific. When a second thread comes along, it sets that
      variable to NULL, which makes the stubs call pthread_getspecific instead.
      This change adds a flag to the testgldispatch test program that tells it to
      call into libGLdispatch from two threads to force it into its multi-threaded
      It also adds three new test scripts, which are the same testgldispatch tests
      but for the multithreaded path.
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    • Mathieu Bridon's avatar
      build: Find Python the Autotools way · 90f973f7
      Mathieu Bridon authored
      An added advantage to this is that it makes it really easy to build with
      Python 3, the same way other Autotools projects support it:
          $ export PYTHON=/usr/bin/python3
          $ ./configure
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