Commit f89d64b9 authored by Frédéric Danis's avatar Frédéric Danis Committed by Tanu Kaskinen
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bluetooth: Fix crash when disabling Bluetooth adapter

This crash occurs when PA is connected to a phone through the oFono
When disabling the Bluetooth adapter, pa_bluetooth_device is removed before
hf_audio_card. Both keep refs on pa_bluetooth_transport. Those removal will
call pa_bluetooth_transport_free() from device_free() (bluez5-util.c) and
hf_audio_card_free() (backend-ofono.c).
In the end, the call to pa_bluetooth_transport_free() calls
pa_hasmap_remove() through pa_bluetooth_transport_unlink(), but since
memory has already been freed, the second try results in a segfault.

Triggering hf_audio_card removal during pa_bluetooth_device removal allows
hf_audio_card to be freed at the right time.
parent 661b13d5
......@@ -70,6 +70,7 @@ struct hf_audio_card {
int (*acquire)(struct hf_audio_card *card);
pa_bluetooth_transport *transport;
pa_hook_slot *device_unlink_slot;
struct pa_bluetooth_backend {
......@@ -181,6 +182,17 @@ static int card_acquire(struct hf_audio_card *card) {
return -1;
static void hf_audio_agent_card_removed(pa_bluetooth_backend *backend, const char *path);
static pa_hook_result_t device_unlink_cb(pa_bluetooth_discovery *y, const pa_bluetooth_device *d, struct hf_audio_card *card) {
hf_audio_agent_card_removed(card->backend, card->path);
return PA_HOOK_OK;
static struct hf_audio_card *hf_audio_card_new(pa_bluetooth_backend *backend, const char *path) {
struct hf_audio_card *card = pa_xnew0(struct hf_audio_card, 1);
......@@ -189,12 +201,18 @@ static struct hf_audio_card *hf_audio_card_new(pa_bluetooth_backend *backend, co
card->fd = -1;
card->acquire = card_acquire;
card->device_unlink_slot = pa_hook_connect(pa_bluetooth_discovery_hook(backend->discovery, PA_BLUETOOTH_HOOK_DEVICE_UNLINK),
PA_HOOK_NORMAL, (pa_hook_cb_t) device_unlink_cb, card);
return card;
static void hf_audio_card_free(struct hf_audio_card *card) {
if (card->device_unlink_slot)
if (card->transport)
......@@ -562,6 +562,8 @@ static void device_free(pa_bluetooth_device *d) {
pa_hook_fire(&d->discovery->hooks[PA_BLUETOOTH_HOOK_DEVICE_UNLINK], d);
for (i = 0; i < PA_BLUETOOTH_PROFILE_COUNT; i++) {
pa_bluetooth_transport *t;
......@@ -47,6 +47,7 @@ typedef struct pa_bluetooth_backend pa_bluetooth_backend;
typedef enum pa_bluetooth_hook {
PA_BLUETOOTH_HOOK_DEVICE_CONNECTION_CHANGED, /* Call data: pa_bluetooth_device */
PA_BLUETOOTH_HOOK_DEVICE_UNLINK, /* Call data: pa_bluetooth_device */
PA_BLUETOOTH_HOOK_TRANSPORT_STATE_CHANGED, /* Call data: pa_bluetooth_transport */
PA_BLUETOOTH_HOOK_TRANSPORT_MICROPHONE_GAIN_CHANGED, /* Call data: pa_bluetooth_transport */
PA_BLUETOOTH_HOOK_TRANSPORT_SPEAKER_GAIN_CHANGED, /* Call data: pa_bluetooth_transport */
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