1. 13 Nov, 2019 2 commits
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      lib: introduce WpObjectManager · e7e5c668
      George Kiagiadakis authored
      * rework how global objects are stored in the core
      * rework how users get notified about global objects
        and proxies of remote global objects
      The purpose of this change is to have a class that can manage
      objects that are registered in the core or signalled through the
      registry. This object can declare interest on certain types
      of global objects and only keep & signal those objects that it is
      interested in. Additionally, it can prepare proxy features and
      asynchronously deliver an 'objects-changed' signal, which is
      basically telling us that the list of objects has changed.
      This is useful to simplify port proxies management in WpAudioStream.
      Now the stream object can declare that it is interested in ports
      that have "node.id" == X and the object manager will only maintain
      a list of those. Additionally, it will emit the 'objects-changed'
      signal when the list of ports is complete, so there is no reason to
      do complex operations and core syncs in the WpAudioStream class
      in order to figure out when the list of ports is ready.
      As a side effect, this also reduces resource management. Now we
      don't construct a WpProxy for every global that pipewire reports;
      we only construct proxies when there is interest in them!
      Another interesting side effect is that we can now register an
      object manager at any point in time and get immediately notified
      about remote globals that already exist. i.e. when you register
      an object manager that is interested in nodes, it will be immediately
      notified about all the existing nodes in the graph. This is useful
      to avoid race conditions between connecting the signal and objects
      beting created in pipewire
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      softdsp-endpoint/stream: remove the port proxies when they are removed on the server · 2e0e144f
      George Kiagiadakis authored
      When the audioconvert starts, it emits 2 ports, but when we set the PortConfig,
      it removes them and re-creates them. Previously, the stream class would not
      remove the old port proxies from the list and therefore they existed twice.
      It is also necessary here to store the proxies earlier, when they are added,
      instead of when they are augmented, so that we can ensure they are removed.
      Previously we would hit an issue where:
       - port proxy is added, augmented
       - augment completes but the GTask wants to complete asynchronously:
         it stores a ref on the proxy and adds an idle source
       - server removes the proxy, we delete it from the core's list
       - the GTask now calls the augment callback, which stores the (removed)
         proxy on the stream's port_proxies list...
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      sofdsp-endpoint: run audioconvert in merge+split mode and use a new linking algorithm · f360aed9
      George Kiagiadakis authored
      Running audioconvert in merge+split mode is the only way to make this work with
      the adapter, since the adapter does not support passing multiple channels on
      a single port right now, and if it does at some point, it will be without a
      mixing node on the port, which means we will not be able to mix multiple
      audioconvert nodes on the same adapter. In the future we need to consider
      writing a lighter volume node with multiple channels support to replace
      The new linking algorithm now takes into account the channel positions and makes
      sure to link the correct channels together. Also, it avoids passing the port
      proxies inside the GVariants, thus making the algorithm a bit more generic
      and easier to unit test.
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      daemon: do not access the inexistent error-message property from core · 48fbabcc
      George Kiagiadakis authored
      This is a remainder from the old WpRemote, which is gone.
      I would re-add the property, but it's not worth it, since libpipewire
      prints it as well by default
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