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# WirePlumber 0.3.95
First pre-release (RC1) of WirePlumber 0.4.0.
- Lua scripting engine. All the session management logic is now scripted
and there is also the ability to run scripts standalone with `wpexec`
(see tests/examples).
- Compatibility with the latest PipeWire (0.3.26+ required). Also, most
features and behavioral logic of pipewire-media-session 0.3.26 are
available, making WirePlumber suitable for a desktop PulseAudio & JACK
replacement setup.
- Compatibility with embedded system policies, like the one on AGL, has been
restored and is fully configurable.
- The design of endpoints has been simplified. We now associate endpoints
with use cases (roles) instead of physical devices. This removes the need
for "endpoint stream" objects, allows more logic to be scripted in lua
and makes the graph simpler. It is also possible to run without endpoints
at all, matching the behavior of pipewire-media-session and pulseaudio.
- Configuration is now done using a pipewire-style json .conf file plus lua
files. Most of the options go in the lua files, while pipewire context
properties, spa_libs and pipewire modules are configured in the json file.
- Systemd unit files have been added and are the recommended way to run
wireplumber. Templated unit files are also available, which allow running
multiple instances of wireplumber with a specific configuration each.
# WirePlumber 0.3.0
The desktop-ready release!
project('wireplumber', ['c'],
version : '0.3.70',
version : '0.3.95',
license : 'MIT',
meson_version : '>= 0.54.0',
default_options : [
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