Commit e10b0f87 authored by George Kiagiadakis's avatar George Kiagiadakis
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lib: debug loading of config files + endpoint priorities

parent 7abf7494
......@@ -214,6 +214,9 @@ wp_configuration_reload (WpConfiguration *self, const char *extension)
/* Only parse files that have the proper extension */
if (g_str_has_suffix (file_name, ext)) {
location = g_build_filename (path, file_name, NULL);
g_debug ("loading config file: %s", location);
if (!wp_config_parser_add_file (parser, location))
g_warning ("Failed to parse file '%s'", location);
......@@ -52,8 +52,10 @@ select_new_default_ep (struct module_data * data, WpDefaultEndpointType type,
def_id = wp_session_get_default_endpoint (WP_SESSION (data->session), type);
if (def_id != best_id) {
g_debug ("selecting default endpoint for type %x, old:%u, new:%u",
type, def_id, best_id);
g_autofree gchar *type_str =
g_enum_to_string (WP_TYPE_DEFAULT_ENDPOINT_TYPE, type);
g_debug ("selecting default endpoint for %s, old:%u, new:%u (priority %u)",
type_str, def_id, best_id, max_priority);
wp_session_set_default_endpoint (WP_SESSION (data->session), type, best_id);
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