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src: config: load all session item modules

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......@@ -36,6 +36,21 @@ load-module C libwireplumber-module-monitor {
"factory": <"api.v4l2.enum.udev">
# Implements si-standard-link session item
load-module C libwireplumber-module-si-standard-link
# Implements si-adapter session item
load-module C libwireplumber-module-si-adapter
# Implements si-convert session item
load-module C libwireplumber-module-si-convert
# Implements si-simple-node-endpoint session item
load-module C libwireplumber-module-si-simple-node-endpoint
#implements si-audio-softdsp-endpoint session item
load-module C libwireplumber-module-si-audio-softdsp-endpoint
# Implements static nodes creation based on TOML configuration files
load-module C libwireplumber-module-config-static-nodes
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