Commit dc693ee0 authored by Julian Bouzas's avatar Julian Bouzas
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m-device-activation: use sync API to enum available profiles

parent e1917239
......@@ -104,22 +104,13 @@ set_device_profile (WpDeviceActivation *self, WpPipewireObject *device, gint ind
static void
on_device_enum_profile_done (WpPipewireObject *proxy, GAsyncResult *res,
WpDeviceActivation *self)
handle_device_profiles (WpDeviceActivation *self, WpPipewireObject *proxy,
WpIterator *profiles)
g_autoptr (WpPlugin) dp = g_weak_ref_get (&self->default_profile);
g_autoptr (WpIterator) profiles = NULL;
g_autoptr (GError) error = NULL;
const gchar *name = NULL;
gint index = -1;
/* Finish */
profiles = wp_pipewire_object_enum_params_finish (proxy, res, &error);
if (error) {
wp_warning_object (self, "failed to enum profiles on device");
/* Get the default profile name if default-profile module is loaded */
if (dp)
g_signal_emit_by_name (dp, "get-profile", WP_DEVICE (proxy), &name);
......@@ -182,10 +173,14 @@ static void
on_device_added (WpObjectManager *om, WpPipewireObject *proxy, gpointer d)
WpDeviceActivation *self = WP_DEVICE_ACTIVATION (d);
g_autoptr (WpIterator) profiles = NULL;
/* Enum available profiles */
wp_pipewire_object_enum_params (proxy, "EnumProfile", NULL, NULL,
(GAsyncReadyCallback) on_device_enum_profile_done, self);
profiles = wp_pipewire_object_enum_params_sync (proxy, "EnumProfile", NULL);
if (!profiles)
handle_device_profiles (self, proxy, profiles);
static void
......@@ -228,7 +223,7 @@ wp_device_activation_enable (WpPlugin * plugin, WpTransition * transition)
self->devices_om = wp_object_manager_new ();
wp_object_manager_add_interest (self->devices_om, WP_TYPE_DEVICE, NULL);
wp_object_manager_request_object_features (self->devices_om,
g_signal_connect_object (self->devices_om, "object-added",
G_CALLBACK (on_device_added), self, 0);
wp_core_install_object_manager (core, self->devices_om);
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