Commit cd3a414e authored by Julian Bouzas's avatar Julian Bouzas
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softdsp-endpoint: remove persistent hack

parent 7bd9f84e
......@@ -199,13 +199,6 @@ on_audio_adapter_created(GObject *initable, GAsyncResult *res,
/* Set the role */
self->role = g_strdup (wp_properties_get (props, PW_KEY_MEDIA_ROLE));
/* HACK to tell the policy module that this endpoint needs to be linked always */
if (wp_properties_get (props, "wireplumber.keep-linked")) {
g_autofree gchar *c = g_strdup_printf ("Persistent/%s",
wp_properties_get (props, "media.class"));
g_object_set (self, "media-class", c, NULL);
/* Just finish if no streams need to be created */
if (!self->streams) {
finish_endpoint_creation (self);
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