Commit b0fe1fe8 authored by Raghavendra Rao's avatar Raghavendra Rao Committed by George Kiagiadakis
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ci: replace hotdoc with Doxygen, Sphinx and Breathe tools

parent 80e7b20a
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ include:
# Update this tag when you want to trigger a rebuild
FDO_DISTRIBUTION_TAG: '2020-08-31.1'
FDO_DISTRIBUTION_TAG: '2021-04-01.1'
# findutils: used by the .build script below
# cmake: required for hotdoc
......@@ -39,16 +39,12 @@ include:
# build hotdoc via pip, since there is no rpm package and make sure
# to remove its build-deps afterwards to save space.
# install Doxygen, Sphinx and Breathe tools to generate documentation
# also install glib2-doc (required to make documentation links to GLib work)
# manually, to remove the 'tsflags=nodocs' flag that is enabled by default
# in the fedora docker image
dnf -y install python3-pip make python3-devel flex clang ;
HOTDOC_BUILD_C_EXTENSION=enabled pip3 install --no-cache-dir hotdoc ;
rm -rf ~/.cache/pip ;
dnf -y remove python3-pip make python3-devel flex clang ;
dnf -y install python3-pip doxygen python3-sphinx python3-sphinx_rtd_theme python3-breathe python-docutils ;
dnf -y install glib2-doc --setopt='tsflags='
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