Commit 83e50396 authored by Julian Bouzas's avatar Julian Bouzas
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pw-object-mixin: ignore set param on already destroyed objects

parent 21e73141
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......@@ -295,9 +295,15 @@ wp_pw_object_mixin_set_param (WpPipewireObject * obj, const gchar * id,
guint32 flags, WpSpaPod * param)
WpPwObjectMixinPrivInterface *iface = WP_PW_OBJECT_MIXIN_PRIV_GET_IFACE (obj);
WpPwObjectMixinData *d = wp_pw_object_mixin_get_data (obj);
WpSpaIdValue param_id;
gint ret;
if (!d->iface) {
wp_message_object (obj, "ignoring set_param on already destroyed objects");
return FALSE;
if (!iface->set_param) {
wp_warning_object (obj, "set_param is not supported on this object");
return FALSE;
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