Commit 7d28027f authored by Julian Bouzas's avatar Julian Bouzas
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wplua: fix memleak when converting GVariant to Lua

parent 8ba6439d
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...@@ -122,7 +122,8 @@ wplua_gvariant_to_lua (lua_State *L, GVariant *variant) ...@@ -122,7 +122,8 @@ wplua_gvariant_to_lua (lua_State *L, GVariant *variant)
lua_pushstring (L, g_variant_get_string (variant, NULL)); lua_pushstring (L, g_variant_get_string (variant, NULL));
} }
else if (g_variant_is_of_type (variant, G_VARIANT_TYPE_VARIANT)) { else if (g_variant_is_of_type (variant, G_VARIANT_TYPE_VARIANT)) {
wplua_gvariant_to_lua (L, g_variant_get_variant (variant)); g_autoptr (GVariant) v = g_variant_get_variant (variant);
wplua_gvariant_to_lua (L, v);
} }
else if (g_variant_is_of_type (variant, G_VARIANT_TYPE_DICTIONARY)) { else if (g_variant_is_of_type (variant, G_VARIANT_TYPE_DICTIONARY)) {
gsize n_children, i; gsize n_children, i;
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