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NEWS: release 0.2.96

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# WirePlumber 0.2.96
Second pre-release (RC2) of WirePlumber 0.3.0
Changes since 0.2.95:
- Quite some work went into fixing bugs related to the `ReserveDevice1`
D-Bus API. It is now possible to start a JACK server before or after
WirePlumber and WirePlumber will automatically stop using the device that
JACK opens, while at the same time it will enable the special "JACK device"
that allows PipeWire to interface with JACK
- Fixed a number of issues that did not previously allow using the spa
bluez5 device with WirePlumber. Now it is possible to at least use the
A2DP sink (output to bluetooth speakers) without major issues
- On the API level, `WpCore` was changed to allow having multiple instances
that share the same `pw_context`. This is useful to have multiple
connections to PipeWire, while sharing the context infrastructure
- `WpCore` also gained support for retrieving server info & properties
and `wpctl status` now also prints info about the server & all clients
- `module-monitor` was modified to allow loading multiple monitor instances
with one instance of the module itself
- Audio nodes are now configured with the sample rate that is defined
globally in `pipewire.conf` with `set-prop default.clock.rate <rate>`
- Policy now respects the `node.autoconnect` property; additionally, it is
now possible to specify endpoint ids in the `` property of nodes
(so endpoint ids are accepted in the `PIPEWIRE_NODE` environment variable,
and in the `path` property of the pipewire gstreamer elements)
- Fixed an issue where links between the si-convert audioconvert nodes and
the actual device nodes would stay active forever; they are now declared
as "passive" links, which allows the nodes to suspend. This requires
changes to PipeWire that were commited after 0.3.6; when using WirePlumber
with 0.3.5 or 0.3.6, it is recommended to disable streams on audio sinks
by commenting out the `streams = "audio-sink.streams"` lines in the
.endpoint configuration files
- `wireplumber.conf` now accepts comments to be present inside blocks and
at the end of valid configuration lines
- Improved documentation and restructured the default configuration to be
more readable and sensible
- Fixed issues that prevented using WirePlumber with GLib < 2.60;
2.58 is now the actual minimum requirement
# WirePlumber 0.2.95
First pre-release of WirePlumber 0.3.0.
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