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WirePlumber 0.4.0
This is the first stable release of the 0.4.x series, which is expected to be
an API & ABI stable release series to go along with PipeWire 0.3.x. It is
a fundamental goal of this series to maintain compatibility with
pipewire-media-session, making WirePlumber suitable for a desktop PulseAudio &
JACK replacement setup, while supporting other setups as well (ex. automotive)
by making use of its brand new Lua scripting engine, which allows making
customizations easily.
- Re-implemented the default-routes module in lua, using the same logic
as the one that pipewire-media-session uses. This fixes a number of issues
related to volume controls on alsa devices.
- Implemented a restore-stream lua script, based on the restore-stream
module from media-session. This allows storing stream volumes and targets
and restoring them when the stream re-connects
- Added support for handling dont-remix streams and streams that are not
autoconnected. Fixes ``pw-cat -p --target=0`` and the gnome-control-center
channel test
- Device names are now sanitized in the same way as in pipewire-media-session
- Disabled endpoints in the default configuration. Using endpoints does
not provide the best experience on desktop systems yet
- Fixed a regression introduced in 0.3.96 that would not allow streams to be
relinked on their endpoints after having been corked by the policy
- Some API methods were changed to adhere to the programming practices
followed elsewhere in the codebase and to be future-proof. Also added
paddings on public structures so that from this point on, the 0.4.x series
is going to be API & ABI stable
- lua: added WpState and wp_metadata_set() bindings and improved
WpObject.activate() to report errors
- ObjectManager: added support for declaring interest on all kinds of
properties of global objects. Previously it was only possible to declare
interest on pipewire global properties
- daemon & wpexec: changed the exit codes to follow the standardized codes
defined in sysexits.h
- wpexec now forces the log level to be >= 1 so that lua runtime errors can be
printed on the terminal
- Fixed issues with gobject-introspection data that were introduced by the
switch to doxygen
- Fixed a build issue where wp-gtkdoc.h would not be generated in time
for the gobject-introspection target to build
- Added a valgrind test setup in meson, use with ``meson test --setup=valgrind``
- Many memory leak and stability fixes
- Updated more documentation pages
Past releases
WirePlumber 0.3.96
Second pre-release (RC2) of WirePlumber 0.4.0.
......@@ -26,9 +96,6 @@ Highlights:
documentation has also been updated and some Lua API documentation has
been introduced
Past releases
WirePlumber 0.3.95
project('wireplumber', ['c'],
version : '0.3.96',
version : '0.4.0',
license : 'MIT',
meson_version : '>= 0.54.0',
default_options : [
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