Commit 3c5b5ea0 authored by George Kiagiadakis's avatar George Kiagiadakis
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config-policy: remove _can_link_stream() function

This is no longer needed since we sort endpoints by role priority
before trying to link them and we link only the highest priority one.
After this sorting, the highest priority endpoint is guaranteed
to be able to link, so _can_link_stream() always returns TRUE.
parent db7317c1
......@@ -91,58 +91,6 @@ on_endpoint_link_created (GObject *initable, GAsyncResult *res, gpointer p)
static gboolean
wp_config_policy_can_link_stream (WpConfigPolicy *self, WpBaseEndpoint *target,
guint32 stream_id)
g_autoptr (WpConfigParser) parser = NULL;
/* If the endpoint is not linked, we can link */
if (!wp_base_endpoint_is_linked (target))
return TRUE;
/* Get the linked stream */
gboolean is_capture = wp_base_endpoint_get_direction (target) == PW_DIRECTION_INPUT;
GPtrArray *links = wp_base_endpoint_get_links (target);
WpBaseEndpointLink *l = g_ptr_array_index (links, 0);
guint32 linked_stream = is_capture ?
wp_base_endpoint_link_get_sink_stream (l) :
wp_base_endpoint_link_get_source_stream (l);
/* Check if linked stream is the same as target stream. Last one wins */
if (linked_stream == stream_id)
return TRUE;
/* Get the linked stream name */
g_autoptr (GVariant) s = wp_base_endpoint_get_stream (target, linked_stream);
if (!s)
return TRUE;
const gchar *linked_stream_name;
if (!g_variant_lookup (s, "name", "&s", &linked_stream_name))
return TRUE;
/* Get the target stream name */
g_autoptr (GVariant) ts = wp_base_endpoint_get_stream (target, stream_id);
if (!ts)
return TRUE;
const gchar *target_stream_name;
if (!g_variant_lookup (ts, "name", "&s", &target_stream_name))
return TRUE;
/* Get the linked and ep streams priority */
guint linked_stream_priority = 0;
guint target_stream_priority = 0;
g_variant_lookup (s, "priority", "u", &linked_stream_priority);
g_variant_lookup (ts, "priority", "u", &target_stream_priority);
g_debug ("Trying to link to '%s' (%d); target is linked on '%s' (%d)",
target_stream_name, target_stream_priority, linked_stream_name,
/* Return true if linked stream has lower priority than target stream */
return linked_stream_priority < target_stream_priority;
static gboolean
wp_config_policy_handle_pending_link (WpConfigPolicy *self,
struct link_info *li, WpBaseEndpoint *target)
......@@ -156,10 +104,6 @@ wp_config_policy_handle_pending_link (WpConfigPolicy *self,
"ep_linked:%d, target_linked:%d", wp_base_endpoint_get_name (li->ep),
wp_base_endpoint_get_name (target), is_capture, is_linked, target_linked);
/* Make sure there is no higher priority role linked to this target */
if (!wp_config_policy_can_link_stream (self, target, li->stream_id))
return FALSE;
/* Check if the endpoint is already linked with the proper target */
if (is_linked) {
GPtrArray *links = wp_base_endpoint_get_links (li->ep);
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