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config-policy: only handle the highest priority endpoint for a target, and the ones with keep=true

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......@@ -15,6 +15,21 @@
#include "config-policy.h"
#include "parser-endpoint-link.h"
struct link_info {
WpBaseEndpoint *ep;
guint32 stream_id;
gboolean keep;
static void
link_info_destroy (gpointer p)
struct link_info *li = p;
g_return_if_fail (li);
g_clear_object (&li->ep);
g_slice_free (struct link_info, li);
struct _WpConfigPolicy
WpPolicy parent;
......@@ -23,7 +38,7 @@ struct _WpConfigPolicy
gboolean pending_rescan;
WpBaseEndpoint *pending_endpoint;
WpBaseEndpoint *pending_target;
gboolean endpoint_handled;
enum {
......@@ -64,9 +79,6 @@ on_endpoint_link_created (GObject *initable, GAsyncResult *res, gpointer p)
g_info ("Sucessfully linked '%s' to '%s'\n", wp_base_endpoint_get_name (src_ep),
wp_base_endpoint_get_name (sink_ep));
/* Clear the pending target */
g_clear_object (&self->pending_target);
/* Emit the done signal */
if (self->pending_endpoint) {
gboolean is_capture =
......@@ -81,7 +93,7 @@ on_endpoint_link_created (GObject *initable, GAsyncResult *res, gpointer p)
static gboolean
wp_config_policy_can_link_stream (WpConfigPolicy *self, WpBaseEndpoint *target,
const struct WpParserEndpointLinkData *data, guint32 stream_id)
guint32 stream_id)
g_autoptr (WpConfigParser) parser = NULL;
......@@ -132,23 +144,25 @@ wp_config_policy_can_link_stream (WpConfigPolicy *self, WpBaseEndpoint *target,
static gboolean
wp_config_policy_link_endpoint_with_target (WpConfigPolicy *policy,
WpBaseEndpoint *ep, guint32 ep_stream, WpBaseEndpoint *target,
guint32 target_stream, const struct WpParserEndpointLinkData *data)
wp_config_policy_handle_pending_link (WpConfigPolicy *self,
struct link_info *li, WpBaseEndpoint *target)
WpConfigPolicy *self = WP_CONFIG_POLICY (policy);
g_autoptr (WpCore) core = wp_policy_get_core (WP_POLICY (self));
gboolean is_capture = wp_base_endpoint_get_direction (ep) == PW_DIRECTION_INPUT;
gboolean is_linked = wp_base_endpoint_is_linked (ep);
gboolean is_capture = wp_base_endpoint_get_direction (li->ep) == PW_DIRECTION_INPUT;
gboolean is_linked = wp_base_endpoint_is_linked (li->ep);
gboolean target_linked = wp_base_endpoint_is_linked (target);
g_debug ("Trying to link with '%s' to target '%s', ep_capture:%d, "
"ep_linked:%d, target_linked:%d", wp_base_endpoint_get_name (ep),
"ep_linked:%d, target_linked:%d", wp_base_endpoint_get_name (li->ep),
wp_base_endpoint_get_name (target), is_capture, is_linked, target_linked);
/* Make sure there is no higher priority role linked to this target */
if (!wp_config_policy_can_link_stream (self, target, li->stream_id))
return FALSE;
/* Check if the endpoint is already linked with the proper target */
if (is_linked) {
GPtrArray *links = wp_base_endpoint_get_links (ep);
GPtrArray *links = wp_base_endpoint_get_links (li->ep);
WpBaseEndpointLink *l = g_ptr_array_index (links, 0);
g_autoptr (WpBaseEndpoint) src_ep = wp_base_endpoint_link_get_source_endpoint (l);
g_autoptr (WpBaseEndpoint) sink_ep = wp_base_endpoint_link_get_sink_endpoint (l);
......@@ -157,22 +171,16 @@ wp_config_policy_link_endpoint_with_target (WpConfigPolicy *policy,
if (existing_target == target) {
/* linked to correct target so do nothing */
g_debug ("Endpoint '%s' is already linked correctly",
wp_base_endpoint_get_name (ep));
wp_base_endpoint_get_name (li->ep));
return FALSE;
} else {
/* linked to the wrong target so unlink and continue */
g_debug ("Unlinking endpoint '%s' from its previous target",
wp_base_endpoint_get_name (ep));
wp_base_endpoint_get_name (li->ep));
wp_base_endpoint_link_destroy (l);
/* Make sure the target is not going to be linked with another endpoint */
if (self->pending_target == target)
return FALSE;
g_clear_object (&self->pending_target);
self->pending_target = g_object_ref (target);
/* Unlink the target links that are not kept if endpoint is capture */
if (!is_capture && target_linked) {
GPtrArray *links = wp_base_endpoint_get_links (target);
......@@ -185,64 +193,36 @@ wp_config_policy_link_endpoint_with_target (WpConfigPolicy *policy,
/* Link the client with the target */
if (is_capture) {
wp_base_endpoint_link_new (core, target, target_stream, ep, ep_stream,
data->el.keep, on_endpoint_link_created, self);
wp_base_endpoint_link_new (core, target, li->stream_id, li->ep,
WP_STREAM_ID_NONE, li->keep, on_endpoint_link_created, self);
} else {
wp_base_endpoint_link_new (core, ep, ep_stream, target, target_stream,
data->el.keep, on_endpoint_link_created, self);
wp_base_endpoint_link_new (core, li->ep, WP_STREAM_ID_NONE, target,
li->stream_id, li->keep, on_endpoint_link_created, self);
return TRUE;
static gboolean
wp_config_policy_handle_endpoint (WpPolicy *policy, WpBaseEndpoint *ep)
static WpBaseEndpoint*
wp_config_policy_get_data_target (WpConfigPolicy *self, const char *ep_role,
const struct WpParserEndpointLinkData *data, guint32 *stream_id)
WpConfigPolicy *self = WP_CONFIG_POLICY (policy);
g_autoptr (WpCore) core = wp_policy_get_core (policy);
g_autoptr (WpConfigParser) parser = NULL;
const struct WpParserEndpointLinkData *data;
g_autoptr (WpCore) core = wp_policy_get_core (WP_POLICY (self));
GVariantBuilder b;
GVariant *target_data = NULL;
g_autoptr (WpBaseEndpoint) target = NULL;
guint32 stream_id;
const char *role = NULL;
gboolean can_link;
/* Get the parser for the endpoint-link extension */
parser = wp_configuration_get_parser (self->config,
/* Get the matched endpoint data from the parser */
data = wp_config_parser_get_matched_data (parser, G_OBJECT (ep));
if (!data)
return FALSE;
g_return_val_if_fail (data, NULL);
/* Create the target gvariant */
g_variant_builder_init (&b, G_VARIANT_TYPE_VARDICT);
g_variant_builder_add (&b, "{sv}",
"data", g_variant_new_uint64 ((guint64) data));
role = wp_base_endpoint_get_role (ep);
if (role)
g_variant_builder_add (&b, "{sv}", "role", g_variant_new_string (role));
if (ep_role)
g_variant_builder_add (&b, "{sv}", "role", g_variant_new_string (ep_role));
target_data = g_variant_builder_end (&b);
/* Find the target endpoint */
target = wp_policy_find_endpoint (core, target_data, &stream_id);
if (!target) {
g_info ("Target not found for endpoint '%s'", wp_base_endpoint_get_name (ep));
return FALSE;
/* Don't link if the target is linked with a higher priority stream */
can_link = wp_config_policy_can_link_stream (self, target, data, stream_id);
g_debug ("Trying to handle endpoint: %s, role:%s, can_link:%d",
wp_base_endpoint_get_name (ep), role, can_link);
/* Link the endpoint with its target */
return can_link && wp_config_policy_link_endpoint_with_target (self, ep,
WP_STREAM_ID_NONE, target, stream_id, data);
return wp_policy_find_endpoint (core, target_data, stream_id);
static guint
......@@ -369,13 +349,98 @@ wp_config_policy_find_endpoint (WpPolicy *policy, GVariant *props,
static gint
endpoint_creation_time_compare_func (gconstpointer a, gconstpointer b)
link_info_compare_func (gconstpointer a, gconstpointer b, gpointer data)
WpBaseEndpoint *ep_a = *(WpBaseEndpoint *const *)a;
WpBaseEndpoint *ep_b = *(WpBaseEndpoint *const *)b;
WpBaseEndpoint *target = data;
struct link_info *li_a = *(struct link_info *const *)a;
struct link_info *li_b = *(struct link_info *const *)b;
g_autoptr (GVariant) stream_a = NULL;
g_autoptr (GVariant) stream_b = NULL;
guint priority_a = 0;
guint priority_b = 0;
gint res = 0;
/* Get the role priority of a */
stream_a = wp_base_endpoint_get_stream (target, li_a->stream_id);
if (stream_a)
g_variant_lookup (stream_a, "priority", "u", &priority_a);
/* Get the role priority of b */
stream_b = wp_base_endpoint_get_stream (target, li_b->stream_id);
if (stream_b)
g_variant_lookup (stream_b, "priority", "u", &priority_b);
/* We want to sort from high priority to low priority */
res = priority_b - priority_a;
/* If both priorities are the same, sort by creation time */
if (res == 0)
res = wp_base_endpoint_get_creation_time (li_b->ep) -
wp_base_endpoint_get_creation_time (li_a->ep);
return wp_base_endpoint_get_creation_time (ep_b) -
wp_base_endpoint_get_creation_time (ep_a);
return res;
static void
wp_config_policy_add_link_info (WpConfigPolicy *self, GHashTable *table,
WpBaseEndpoint *ep)
g_autoptr (WpConfigParser) parser = NULL;
const struct WpParserEndpointLinkData *data = NULL;
const char *ep_role = wp_base_endpoint_get_role (ep);
struct link_info *res = NULL;
WpBaseEndpoint *target = NULL;
guint32 stream_id = WP_STREAM_ID_NONE;
/* Get the parser for the endpoint-link extension */
parser = wp_configuration_get_parser (self->config,
/* Get the matched endpoint data from the parser */
data = wp_config_parser_get_matched_data (parser, G_OBJECT (ep));
if (!data)
/* Get the target */
target = wp_config_policy_get_data_target (self, ep_role, data, &stream_id);
if (!target)
/* Create the link info */
res = g_slice_new0 (struct link_info);
res->ep = g_object_ref (ep);
res->stream_id = stream_id;
res->keep = data->el.keep;
/* Get the link infos for the target, or create a new one if not found */
GPtrArray *link_infos = g_hash_table_lookup (table, target);
if (!link_infos) {
link_infos = g_ptr_array_new_with_free_func (link_info_destroy);
g_ptr_array_add (link_infos, res);
g_hash_table_insert (table, g_object_ref (target), link_infos);
} else {
g_ptr_array_add (link_infos, res);
static void
links_table_handle_foreach (gpointer key, gpointer value, gpointer data)
WpConfigPolicy *self = data;
WpBaseEndpoint *target = key;
GPtrArray *link_infos = value;
/* Sort the link infos by role and creation time */
g_ptr_array_sort_with_data (link_infos, link_info_compare_func, target);
/* Handle the first endpoint and also the ones with keep=true */
for (guint i = 0; i < link_infos->len; i++) {
struct link_info *li = g_ptr_array_index (link_infos, i);
if (i == 0 || li->keep)
if (wp_config_policy_handle_pending_link (self, li, target))
self->endpoint_handled = li->ep == self->pending_endpoint;
static void
......@@ -384,24 +449,32 @@ wp_config_policy_sync_rescan (WpCore *core, GAsyncResult *res, gpointer data)
WpConfigPolicy *self = WP_CONFIG_POLICY (data);
g_autoptr (WpPolicyManager) pmgr = wp_policy_manager_get_instance (core);
g_autoptr (GPtrArray) endpoints = NULL;
WpBaseEndpoint *ep;
gboolean handled = FALSE;
/* Set handle to false to know if pending endpoint was handled in this loop */
self->endpoint_handled = FALSE;
/* Handle all endpoints when rescanning */
endpoints = wp_policy_manager_list_endpoints (pmgr, NULL);
if (endpoints) {
/* Sort the endpoints by creation time */
g_ptr_array_sort (endpoints, endpoint_creation_time_compare_func);
/* Create the links table <target, array-of-link-info> */
GHashTable *links_table = g_hash_table_new_full (g_direct_hash,
g_direct_equal, g_object_unref, (GDestroyNotify) g_ptr_array_unref);
/* Fill the links table */
for (guint i = 0; i < endpoints->len; i++) {
ep = g_ptr_array_index (endpoints, i);
if (wp_config_policy_handle_endpoint (WP_POLICY (self), ep))
handled = ep == self->pending_endpoint;
WpBaseEndpoint *ep = g_ptr_array_index (endpoints, i);
wp_config_policy_add_link_info (self, links_table, ep);
/* Handle the links */
g_hash_table_foreach (links_table, links_table_handle_foreach, self);
/* Clean up */
g_clear_pointer (&links_table, g_hash_table_unref);
/* If endpoint was not handled, we are done */
if (!handled) {
if (!self->endpoint_handled) {
g_signal_emit (self, signals[SIGNAL_DONE], 0, self->pending_endpoint,
g_clear_object (&self->pending_endpoint);
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