Commit abab35ee authored by João Paulo Rechi Vita's avatar João Paulo Rechi Vita
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bluetooth: Add debug logging to profile creation

parent d87e439b
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......@@ -1952,11 +1952,18 @@ static int add_card(struct userdata *u) {
if (uuid_to_profile(uuid, &profile) < 0)
if (pa_hashmap_get(data.profiles, pa_bluetooth_profile_to_string(profile)))
pa_log_debug("Trying to create profile %s (%s) for device %s (%s)",
pa_bluetooth_profile_to_string(profile), uuid, d->alias, d->address);
if (pa_hashmap_get(data.profiles, pa_bluetooth_profile_to_string(profile))) {
pa_log_debug("%s already exists", pa_bluetooth_profile_to_string(profile));
if (!pa_bluetooth_device_supports_profile(d, profile))
if (!pa_bluetooth_device_supports_profile(d, profile)) {
pa_log_debug("%s is not supported by the device or adapter", pa_bluetooth_profile_to_string(profile));
cp = create_card_profile(u, profile, data.ports);
pa_hashmap_put(data.profiles, cp->name, cp);
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