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How to do a libcacard release
Some notes to prepare a release, not really strict but better to have in order
to avoid forgetting something.
* Update `NEWS` with list of changes done since last release
* Send a merge request with such changes, handle the review
* Try to build an RPM package from `make dist` output (see below notes
on how to build a source tarball)
* `git push` for the above MR
* `git push` for the version tag created (for instance you can use
`git push origin v2.8.0` or `git push --tags`)
* Send an email to spice-devel mailing list
* Sign generated tarball (to create a detached signature run
`gpg2 -sb libcacard-2.8.0.tar.xz`)
* On Gitlab update tags (
* Add ChangeLog information
* Upload tarball and relative signature
* Upload tarball and relative signature to (sftp to
How to build a source tarball
1. `git tag -a v2.8.0 -m 'libcacard 2.8.0'` (replace the version)
2. `git clone`
3. `cd libcacard`
4. `./`
5. `make dist`
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