Commit 9fdaeb77 authored by Elie Tournier's avatar Elie Tournier Committed by Jason Ekstrand
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nir: add min/max optimisation

Add the following optimisations:

min(x, -x) = -abs(x)
min(x, -abs(x)) = -abs(x)
min(x, abs(x)) = x
max(x, -abs(x)) = x
max(x, abs(x)) = abs(x)
max(x, -x) = abs(x)


total instructions in shared programs: 13067779 -> 13067775 (-0.00%)
instructions in affected programs: 249 -> 245 (-1.61%)
helped: 4

total cycles in shared programs: 252054838 -> 252054806 (-0.00%)
cycles in affected programs: 504 -> 472 (-6.35%)
helped: 2
Signed-off-by: Elie Tournier's avatarElie Tournier <>
Reviewed-by: Plamena Manolova's avatarPlamena Manolova <>
Reviewed-by: Jason Ekstrand's avatarJason Ekstrand <>
parent f22ee146
......@@ -171,6 +171,18 @@ optimizations = [
(('imax', a, a), a),
(('umin', a, a), a),
(('umax', a, a), a),
(('fmin', a, ('fneg', a)), ('fneg', ('fabs', a))),
(('imin', a, ('ineg', a)), ('ineg', ('iabs', a))),
(('fmin', a, ('fneg', ('fabs', a))), ('fneg', ('fabs', a))),
(('imin', a, ('ineg', ('iabs', a))), ('ineg', ('iabs', a))),
(('fmin', a, ('fabs', a)), a),
(('imin', a, ('iabs', a)), a),
(('fmax', a, ('fneg', ('fabs', a))), a),
(('imax', a, ('ineg', ('iabs', a))), a),
(('fmax', a, ('fabs', a)), ('fabs', a)),
(('imax', a, ('iabs', a)), ('iabs', a)),
(('fmax', a, ('fneg', a)), ('fabs', a)),
(('imax', a, ('ineg', a)), ('iabs', a)),
(('~fmin', ('fmax', a, 0.0), 1.0), ('fsat', a), '!options->lower_fsat'),
(('~fmax', ('fmin', a, 1.0), 0.0), ('fsat', a), '!options->lower_fsat'),
(('fsat', a), ('fmin', ('fmax', a, 0.0), 1.0), 'options->lower_fsat'),
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