Commit 787b56ac authored by chadversary's avatar chadversary Committed by Marge Bot
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turnip: Add a618 support

I merely ported a freedreno patch to turnip which
updates some magic regsiter values.

    commit ff6e148a
    Author:     Rob Clark <>
    CommitDate: Tue Oct 29 09:19:34 2019 -0700
    Subject:    freedreno/a6xx: add a618 support

That's all that Rob did for gallium for a618, so I assume that's we need
for turnip also.

Tested manually with:

        pass 300/555
        fail   0/555
        skip 255/555

Tested-by: Marge Bot <mesa/mesa!3743>
Part-of: <mesa/mesa!3743>
parent ef5da260
......@@ -256,6 +256,14 @@ tu_physical_device_init(struct tu_physical_device *device,
sprintf(device->name, "FD%d", device->gpu_id);
switch (device->gpu_id) {
case 618:
device->tile_align_w = 64;
device->tile_align_h = 16;
device->magic.RB_UNKNOWN_8E04_blit = 0x00100000;
device->magic.RB_CCU_CNTL_gmem = 0x3e400004;
device->magic.PC_UNKNOWN_9805 = 0x0;
device->magic.SP_UNKNOWN_A0F8 = 0x0;
case 630:
case 640:
device->tile_align_w = 64;
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