Commit e8dc63c0 authored by Simon McVittie's avatar Simon McVittie

Merge branch 'spec-cookie-timeouts' into 'master'

spec: Update recommendations for DBUS_COOKIE_SHA1 timeouts

See merge request dbus/dbus!171
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......@@ -3403,8 +3403,27 @@
timeout can be fairly short), or more than a reasonable
time in the future (so that cookies never accidentally
become permanent, if the clock was set far into the future
at some point). If no recent keys remain, the
server may generate a new key.
at some point). The reference implementation deletes cookies
that are more than 5 minutes into the future, or more than
7 minutes in the past. For interoperability, using the
same arbitrary times in other implementations is suggested.
If no sufficiently recent cookies remain, the server
generates a new cookie. To avoid spurious authentication
failures, cookies that are close to their deletion time
should not be used for new authentication operations.
For example, this avoids a client starting to use a cookie
whose age is 6m59s, and having authentication subsequently
fail because it takes 2 seconds, during which time the
cookie's age became 7m01s, greater than 7 minutes, causing
the server to delete it. The reference implementation
generates a new cookie whenever the most recent cookie is
older than 5 minutes, giving clients at least 2 minutes
to finish authentication. For interoperability, using the
same arbitrary time in other implementations is suggested.
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