1. 12 Aug, 2004 10 commits
  2. 11 Aug, 2004 8 commits
  3. 10 Aug, 2004 1 commit
  4. 09 Aug, 2004 3 commits
    • Kevin E Martin's avatar
      Fix install problem on platforms not using xorg.cf/xfree86.cf (Bug #339, · 21c7c8cd
      Kevin E Martin authored
          Harold L. Hunt II, Alexander Gottwald).
      Fix crash when using X core font in zh_CN.UTF-8 locale (Bug #368, Yu Shao,
          David Dawes).
      Fix glXMakeCurrent(Dpy, None, NULL) crash (Bug #719, Adam Jackson).
      HP-PA build fix (Bug #828, Guy Martin, Paul Anderson).
      Fix SDK build for GATOS and Wacom driver (Bug #829, Bryan Stine).
      Fix attempt to read video ROM before enabling it (Bug #843, Ivan
          Kokshaysky, Mike A. Harris).
      Fix detection of primary adapter (Bug #843, Ivan Kokshaysky, Mike A.
      Clarify xset man page description of how to use the keyboard repeat rate
          settings (Bug #846, Mike A. Harris).
      Fix problem where print-screen key would get remapped to sys-req in certain
          keymaps, which broke GNOME printscreen functionality (Bug #847, Owen
      Fix several render problems:
      - MMIO mode support
      - Hang on IGP chips
      - VT switching hang
      - 3D render corruption (Bug #922, Hui Yu).
    • Kristian Høgsberg's avatar
      Move the new render symbols to dixsym.c instead so they are grouped with · 26847ef9
      Kristian Høgsberg authored
          the other render symbols.
      Initialize screen_x and screen_y to 0. This fixes a problem with the new
          Damage based sprite, where intersection test against the root pixmap
          would fail because the two fields were not initialized (damage.c,
    • Kevin E Martin's avatar
      - Fix building without Xfixes extension · 57eab4dc
      Kevin E Martin authored
      - Fix building without Xevie
      - Fix building without DPMS
      - Fix "Extensions" section config file support to accept general boolean
  5. 08 Aug, 2004 2 commits
  6. 07 Aug, 2004 4 commits
  7. 06 Aug, 2004 2 commits
  8. 05 Aug, 2004 1 commit
    • Eric Anholt's avatar
      - Add a new Render function, CopyPicture, which will update a picture with · ae1580c4
      Eric Anholt authored
          the flagged bits from a source picture. Approved in principle by
      - Use CopyPicture and SetTransform to update most of the backing picture's
          state in the composite wrapper. Filters are still missing.
      - Don't allocate a picture private, now that we calculate clipping properly
          and don't need the serialNumber or stateChanges.
      - Use the format of the source pixmap rather than generating the format
          from the window's visual.
      - Wrap the rest of the Render primitives that were stubbed out before.
  9. 04 Aug, 2004 3 commits
    • Eric Anholt's avatar
      - Always validate the backing GC in cwValidateGC, not just when the clip · 73e14bd6
      Eric Anholt authored
          list changes.
      - Use FillTiled instead of FillSolid for painting tiled border/background
          pixmaps, and don't needlessly change the scratch GC's defaults.
      - Use the preferred dixChangeGC instead of DoChangeGC.
      - Simplify a silly loop and clean up a couple of comments.
    • Egbert Eich's avatar
      Optimization of CJK rendering when using versions of freetype prior to · d240c41a
      Egbert Eich authored
          2.1.8 (Chisato Yamauchi).
      A small backward compatibility fix to make the freetype module build with
          freetype version < 2.1.7.
      Fixed/added some debugging code.
    • Eric Anholt's avatar
      - Add two new XAA hooks, SetupForCPUToScreenTexture2 and · 751fd11a
      Eric Anholt authored
          SetupForCPUToScreenAlphaTexture2. These add a dstFormat argument after
          the previous format argument, which the driver needs to use to properly
          set up the destination format. Two new arrays are added for the list of
          destination formats supported that correspond to the previous format
          arrays for sources.
      - Make Render acceleration only occur when the new hook for that
          acceleration type is supplied and the dst format list is set, along
          with the src format list being set. Without knowing the destination
          format, the Render acceleration couldn't properly support all the
          destinations it might encounter.
      - Bump XAA module minor version.
      - Update the Radeon Render acceleration to use the new hooks when the XAA
          module is sufficiently new. Fix a bug in the src/dst alpha booleans for
          ops, and use them to set blend_cntl to support destinations without
          alpha. Add missing PICT_a1r5g5b5 texture format, and add list
          terminator. (!)
  10. 03 Aug, 2004 6 commits
    • Alexander Gottwald's avatar
      Merge from CYGWIN branch · 9c1d52a6
      Alexander Gottwald authored
      2004-08-02 Kensuke Matsuzaki
      Fix the bug that we can't copy & paste multi-byte string to Unicode-base
          Windows application. Rename fUnicodeSupport to fUseUnicode, because it
          don't mean wheather Windows support Unicode or not.
    • Matthieu Herrb's avatar
      programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/ddc/xf86DDC.h · defcfe3c
      Matthieu Herrb authored
      programs/Xserver/miext/shadow/shrotate.c Fix glitches in pointer to
          functions declarations.
    • Matthieu Herrb's avatar
      Fix declaration of XAACachePlanarMonoStippleProc. Rename · e6d0b18c
      Matthieu Herrb authored
          XAACachePlanarMonoStippleWeak to XAAGetCachePlanarMonoStipple() for
          consistency with other parts of xaa and fix forward declaration in
          xaalocal.h. Fixes last comments on Bug #962.
    • Eric Anholt's avatar
      Major improvements to Composite wrapper. Several issues remain, but it now · bfbb40c2
      Eric Anholt authored
          appears stable in limited testing.
      - Allocate the picture private, avoiding segfault.
      - Wrap PaintWindow to draw the background/border to the backing pixmap
          (based on Deron Johnson's comptran.c).
      - Set the x_off/y_off returns to translate coordinates properly.
      - Don't bother allocating temporary areas for the modified coordinates.
          Layers above are responsible for handling lower layers changing the
          arguments, so cw doesn't have to worry about it. mibstore.c has to do
          the allocation because it calls down twice (front buffer and backing
          store). (Suggested by keithp)
      - Handle the mode argument to PolyPoint, Polylines, and FillPolygon.
      - Remove some dead elements in the cw privates.
      - Kill a prototype warning in compinit.c by adding the cw.h header.
    • Eric Anholt's avatar
      The Damage extension has to wrap after (be called before) the Composite · b7ba272d
      Eric Anholt authored
          extension so that the redirecting of drawables by the wrapper doesn't
          confuse Damage.
    • Adam Jackson's avatar
      Bug #962: Remove LoaderSymbol calls introduced by the dlloader work so · d112e559
      Adam Jackson authored
          DoLoadableServer NO builds work again.