Commit 804cea79 authored by Stuart Kreitman's avatar Stuart Kreitman
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integration from modular tree. Modified Files: Tag: DAMAGE-XFIXES dix.h

parent c0fcd054
......@@ -379,6 +379,12 @@ extern void CopyISOLatin1Lowered(
unsigned char * /*source*/,
int /*length*/);
extern int CompareISOLatin1Lowered(
unsigned char * /*a*/,
int alen,
unsigned char * /*b*/,
int blen);
extern WindowPtr SecurityLookupWindow(
......@@ -423,12 +429,14 @@ extern ClientPtr LookupClient(
extern void NoopDDA(void);
extern int AlterSaveSetForClient(
int AlterSaveSetForClient(
ClientPtr /*client*/,
WindowPtr /*pWin*/,
unsigned /*mode*/);
extern void DeleteWindowFromAnySaveSet(
unsigned /*mode*/,
Bool /*toRoot*/,
Bool /*remap*/);
void DeleteWindowFromAnySaveSet(
WindowPtr /*pWin*/);
extern void BlockHandler(
......@@ -785,4 +793,21 @@ typedef struct {
int count;
} DeviceEventInfoRec;
* SelectionCallback stuff
extern CallbackListPtr SelectionCallback;
typedef enum {
} SelectionCallbackKind;
typedef struct {
struct _Selection *selection;
SelectionCallbackKind kind;
} SelectionInfoRec;
#endif /* DIX_H */
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