Commit 7557d4da authored by Kaleb Keithley Keithley's avatar Kaleb Keithley Keithley
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bug #230 Revert to Xinerama 1.1 In order to make a "quick" release it has

    been decided that the priority is to preserve the server's internal
    API/ABI so that third-party drivers that depend on symbols like
    noPanoramiXExtension, etc., would not need to be recompiled. Toobad gcc
    on Linux doesn't support ELF's weak symbols as that would have been a
    reasonable solution for preserving the ABI. N.B.: While symbols, i.e.
    functions and variables revert to the old name, I did not revert build
    names, i.e. -DXINERAMA, to the old -DPANORAMIX. There was no need, and
    it's just a build issue that has no impact on the binary output of the
parent 215a13aa
/* $XdotOrg: xc/programs/Xserver/miext/rootless/safeAlpha/safeAlphaWindow.c,v 2003/12/18 19:29:15 kaleb Exp $ */
/* $XdotOrg: xc/programs/Xserver/miext/rootless/safeAlpha/safeAlphaWindow.c,v 2004/02/23 21:37:25 kaleb Exp $ */
* Specialized window functions to protect the alpha channel
......@@ -39,8 +39,8 @@
#include "rootlessCommon.h"
#include "xinerama.h"
#include "xineramaSrv.h"
#include "panoramiX.h"
#include "panoramiXsrv.h"
......@@ -70,13 +70,13 @@ SafeAlphaFillRegionTiled(
FbBits planeMask;
int index = pDrawable->pScreen->myNum;
if(&WindowTable[index]->drawable == pDrawable)
xRot -= xineramaDataPtr[index].x;
yRot -= xineramaDataPtr[index].y;
xRot -= panoramiXdataPtr[index].x;
yRot -= panoramiXdataPtr[index].y;
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