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i-g-t has become a fairly big project with lots of people involved, so
lets document the basics and formalize the current process a bit.

Also use this opportunity to announce Thomas Wood as igt maintainer
once more.

v2: Recommend --subject-prefix="PATCH i-g-t" as suggested by Damien.

v3: Clean out contributing-related information from README.

Cc: Thomas Wood <>
Cc: Damien Lespiau <>
Signed-off-by: Daniel Vetter's avatarDaniel Vetter <>
parent 685e5773
Patches to intel-gpu-tools are very much welcome, we really want this to be the
universal set of low-level tools and testcases for the Intel kernel gfx driver
on Linux and similar platforms. So please bring on porting patches, bugfixes,
improvements for documentation and new tools and testcases.
A short list of contribution guidelines:
- Please submit patches formatted with git send-email/git format-patch or
equivalent to
Intel GFX discussion <>
Please use --subject-prefix="PATCH i-g-t" so that i-g-t patches are easily
identified in the massive amount mails on intel-gfx. To ensure this is always
done just run
git config format.subjectprefix "PATCH i-g-t"
from within your i-g-t git checkout.
- intel-gpu-tools is MIT lincensed and we require contributions to follow the
developer's certificate of origin:
- When submitting new testcases please follow the naming conventions documented
in tests/NAMING-CONVENTION. Also please make full use of all the helpers and
convenience macros provided by the igt library. The semantic patch lib/igt.cocci
can help with the more automatic conversions.
- There is no formal review requirement and regular contributors with commit
access can push patches right after submitting them to the mailing lists. But
invasive changes, new helper libraries and contributions from newcomers should
go through a proper review to ensure overall consistency in the codebase.
- When patches from new contributors (without commit access) are stuck, for
anything related to the regular releases, issues with packaging and
integrating platform support or anything else really please contact the i-g-t
Thomas Wood <>
Of course please also cc the intel-gfx mailing list.
- Especially changes to the testcase should get tested on relevant platforms
before committing. For Intel employees that's best done using PRTS, see the
relevant internal howtos. Everyone else can just run piglit with i-g-t tests
Happy hacking!
......@@ -79,9 +79,6 @@ tests/
options to test different kms functionality, again read the source for
the details.
When creating new tests or subtests please read and follow
Common helper functions and headers used by the other tools.
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