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doc: Consolidate naming conventions into docbook

Duplication just means it gets out of sync.

Also update they keyword list in the Makefile, not everything was listed.
And add a new "invalid" keyword.

While at it update NEWS.
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......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ A short list of contribution guidelines:
developer's certificate of origin:
- When submitting new testcases please follow the naming conventions documented
in tests/NAMING-CONVENTION. Also please make full use of all the helpers and
in the generated documentation. Also please make full use of all the helpers and
convenience macros provided by the igt library. The semantic patch lib/igt.cocci
can help with the more automatic conversions.
......@@ -3,6 +3,18 @@ Release 1.10 (XXXX-XX-XX)
- New frequency manipulation tool (intel_gpu_frequency)
- Adjustments for the Solaris port (Alan Coopersmith).
- Remove tests/NAMING-CONVENTION since it's all in the docbook now, to avoid
divergent conventions.
- New CRITICAL log level for really serious stuff (Thomas Wood).
- Interactive test mode can now be enabled by the shared cmdline option
--interactive-debug=$var (Rodrigo Vivi).
- Piles of new testcases and improvements to existing ones as usual.
Release 1.9 (2014-12-12)
## Process this file with automake to produce
TESTLISTS = $(top_builddir)/tests/single-tests.txt $(top_builddir)/tests/multi-tests.txt
KEYWORDS = (hang|swap|thrash|crc|tiled|tiling|rte|ctx|exec|rpm)
KEYWORDS = (invalid|hang|swap|thrash|crc|tiled|tiling|rte|ctx|render|blt|bsd|vebox|exec|rpm)
xml/igt_test_programs_%_programs.xml: $(TESTLISTS)
mkdir -p `dirname $@`
......@@ -197,6 +197,13 @@
various features of the test and can be used to filter and select
particular tests.</para>
<glossentry id="invalid">
<para>Negative tests to validate kernel interface input validation.</para>
<glossentry id="hang">
Naming Convention of i-g-t Tests and Subtests
To facilitate easy test selection with piglit we need a somewhat consistent
naming scheme for tests and subtests.
Test Prefixes
core_: Test for core drm ioctls and behaviour.
kms_: Used for modesetting tests.
drm_: Tests for libdrm behaviour, currently just testing the buffer cache
gem_: Used for all kinds of GEM tests.
prime_: Used for buffer sharing tests, both for self-importing (used by
dri3/wayland) and actual multi-gpu tests.
drv_: Tests for overall driver behaviour like module reload, s/r, debugfs files.
pm_: Tests for power management features like runtime PM, tuning knobs in sysfs
and also performance tuning features.
gen3_: Used by Chris' gen3 specific tiling/fencing tests. Generally tests that
only run on some platforms don't have a specific prefix but just skip on
platforms where the test doesn't apply.
debugfs_/sysfs_: Mostly for tests that use sysfs/debugfs but tend to tests all
sorts of things. Please consider using a more appropriate prefix from above if
the main point isn't to test sysfs/debugfs, but a driver subsystem/feature.
igt_: Testcase which test the i-g-t infrastructure itself and which are all run
through "make check" while building i-g-t.
(Sub-)Test patterns
Much more powerful for filtering sets of tests are patterns anywhere in either
the test or subtest name.
hang: Tests that provoke gpu hangs
swap: Tests that force their full working sets through swap. Dreadfully slow on
machines with spinning rust and tons of memory.
thrash: Tests that tend to have really slow forward progress due to
gtt/memory/.. thrashing. Mostly used to stress-test error-handling corner-cases.
crc: Tests that use the display CRC infrastructure to check the results.
tiled/tiling: Tests that exercise behaviour on tiled buffers.
normal/uncached/snoop: Usual 3 variants for tests that use different coherency
modes for the buffer objects they're using.
rte: _R_un_t_ime _e_nviroment checks. For testcases which will fail if the
machine isn't configured properly there should be a first subtest to just check
for that.
ctx: Tests that exercise the hw context support.
render/blt/bsd/vebox: Tests which apply to individual rings should use these
suffixes. They're a bit inconsistent and historically grown, but they new Bspec
names (RCS, BCS, VCS and VECS) aren't really clearer.
exec: Tests that exercise the execbuf code in various ways.
rpm: Runtime PM tests.
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