bluetooth: disable HSP HS profile by default

A few headsets have issues if HFP HF profile connection is attempted before
HSP HS profile connection is closed. Looks like this could happen because
bluez bluetoothd alows to make simultaneous HSP HS and HFP HF peer connections.

One of affected headsets is WH-1000XM2

Until we find out how to prevent simultaneous HSP HS and HFP HF connections,
when native backend has HFP HF profile enabled (this is the default) do disable
HSP HS completely unless user explicitly request it via discovery modarg.

Do this by adding module-bluetooth-discover arg enable_native_hsp_hs,
default to inverse of enable_native_hfp_hf.

Part-of: <pulseaudio/pulseaudio!538>
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