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      gsettings: Emit glib logs on stderr, not stdout · 9d273178
      Scott Worley authored
      Having G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all set in the environment (a normal thing to do
      when debugging Gnome troubles) causes gsettings-helper to emit a bunch
      of helpful gnome debug logs (which is good), but before this change they
      were printed on stdout rather than stderr (which was bad!).  Rather than
      going somewhere the user could see, these log messages were being sent
      to the pulesaudio server and interpreted as the src/modules/stdin-util.c
      protocol.  pulseadio waits to see a '!' message from gsettings-helper
      before continuing startup.  With the log messages mixed in messing up
      the stdin-util protocol, pulseaudio never saw the '!' message, and so
      never completed startup.
      This simple fix relies on a recent glib > 2.68 (Mar 2021), so builds
      against old versions of glib will still have this problem!  We consider
      this good enough until some complains otherwise.
      Fixes: pulseaudio/pulseaudio#1222
      Part-of: <pulseaudio/pulseaudio!579>
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