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      va: mpeg2dec: Using the current picture's surface when missing reference. · 4c66a026
      He Junyan authored
      When missing the reference frames, we should not just discard the current
      frame. Some streams have group of picture header. It is an optional header
      that can be used immediately before a coded I-frame to indicate to the decoder
      if the first consecutive B-pictures immediately following the coded I-frame can
      be reconstructed properly in the case of a random access.
      In that case, the B frames may miss the previous reference and can still be
      correctly decoded. We also notice that the second field of the I frame may
      be set to P type, and it only ref its first field.
      We should not skip all those frames, and even the frame really misses the
      reference frame, some manner such as inserting grey picture should be used
      to handle these cases.
      The driver crashes when it needs to access the reference picture while we set
      forward_reference_picture or backward_reference_picture to VA_INVALID_ID. We
      now set it to current picture to avoid this. This is just a temp manner.
      Part-of: <gstreamer/gst-plugins-bad!1929>
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      codecs: mpeg2decoder: Creating the field based on its arriving time. · 41d2edc9
      He Junyan authored
      Spec says:
      In a frame picture top_field_first being set to ‘1’ indicates that the
      top field of the reconstructed frame is the first field output by the
      decoding process. top_field_first being set to ‘0’ indicates that the
      bottom field of the reconstructed frame is the first field output by
      decoding process.
      Here, the "output" should be interpreted just as the output order, not
      including the decoding order. The field should be decoded as the order
      they comes in the stream. Namely, no matter top_field_first is 0 or 1,
      the first coming field is the first one to be decoded.
      Part-of: <gstreamer/gst-plugins-bad!1929>
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      codecs: Add buffer_flags for mpeg2 picture. · 459abad0
      He Junyan authored
      We need to store the buffer flags such as GST_VIDEO_BUFFER_FLAG_INTERLACED
      and GST_VIDEO_BUFFER_FLAG_TFF for interlaced video. Without these flags,
      the VPP and display elements can not apply filter correctly.
      Part-of: <!1929>
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      d3d11: Re-implement Desktop Duplication source · 2ca298d4
      Seungha Yang authored
      Add a new video source element "d3d11desktopdupsrc" for capturing desktop image
      via Desktop Duplication based on Microsoft's Desktop Duplication sample available at
      This element is expected to be a replacement of existing dxgiscreencapsrc
      element in winscreencap plugin.
      Currently this element can support (but dxgiscreencapsrc cannot)
      - Copying captured D3D11 texture to output buffer without download
      - Support desktop session transition
        e.g., can capture desktop without error even in case that
        "Lock desktop" and "Permission dialog"
      - Multiple d3d11desktopdupsrc elements can capture the same monitor
      Not yet implemented features
      - Cropping rect is not implemented, but that can be handled by downstream
      - Mult-monitor is not supported. But that is also can be implemented by
        downstream element for example via multiple d3d11desktopdup elements
        with d3d11compositor
      Part-of: <gstreamer/gst-plugins-bad!1855>
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