Commit 44b7e926 authored by He Junyan's avatar He Junyan Committed by GStreamer Marge Bot
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doc: Add the av1 parse element.

Part-of: <gstreamer/gst-plugins-bad!1614>
parent b93315fa
......@@ -221942,6 +221942,33 @@
"videoparsersbad": {
"description": "videoparsers",
"elements": {
"av1parse": {
"author": "He Junyan <>",
"description": "Parses AV1 streams",
"hierarchy": [
"klass": "Codec/Parser/Converter/Video",
"long-name": "AV1 parser",
"pad-templates": {
"sink": {
"caps": "video/x-av1:\n",
"direction": "sink",
"presence": "always"
"src": {
"caps": "video/x-av1:\n parsed: true\n stream-format: { (string)obu-stream, (string)annexb }\n alignment: { (string)obu, (string)tu, (string)frame }\n",
"direction": "src",
"presence": "always"
"rank": "secondary"
"diracparse": {
"author": "David Schleef <>",
"description": "Parses Dirac streams",
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