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    mfvideoenc: Add support for Direct3D11 texture · 84db4b68
    Seungha Yang authored
    Initial support for d3d11 texture so that encoder can copy
    upstream d3d11 texture into encoder's own texture pool without
    downloading memory.
    This implementation requires MFTEnum2() API for creating
    MFT (Media Foundation Transform) object for specific GPU but
    the API is Windows 10 desktop only. So UWP is not target
    of this change.
    See also https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/api/mfapi/nf-mfapi-mftenum2
    Note that, for MF plugin to be able to support old OS versions
    without breakage, this commit will load MFTEnum2() symbol
    by using g_module_open()
    Summary of required system environment:
    - Needs Windows 10 (probably at least RS 1 update)
    - GPU should support ExtendedNV12SharedTextureSupported feature
    - Desktop application only (UWP is not supported yet)
    Part-of: <!1903>
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