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    • Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal's avatar
      glsinkbin: validate property in internal sink · b1df1000
      Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal authored
      It might be the case that glgsinkbin would try to set a property to
      its internal sink which doesn't exist in it, leading to a glib's
      warning. For example, when playsink sets 'force-aspect-ratio' property
      and glsinkbin has, as internal sink, appsink, which doesn't handle
      that property.
      The patch validates the incoming property to forward to internal sink
      if it exists in the internal sink and both properties has the same
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    • Carlos Rafael Giani's avatar
      audiotestsrc: Improvements to the "ticks" wave · c656cfb1
      Carlos Rafael Giani authored
      (Initially discussed in
      The ticks waveform can be useful for audio synchronization diagnostics
      and other cases where the time offset between waveforms is important.
      However, in its current form, it is too limited, and has problems with
      discontinuities, which result in severe artifacts when this waveform
      is output by a DAC.
      This patch fixes some discontinuities and considerably expand the ticks
      waveform's flexibility. They also introduce the notion of a "marker tick";
      every Nth tick can have a different amplitude (usually one that is larger
      than the others). This is useful for combining frequent oscilloscope
      triggering with large time offset detection. For example, without marker
      ticks, the tick intervals must not be too small, otherwise the maximum time
      offset that can be unambiguously detected is quite small (for example, if
      the interval is 50ms, then no time offset larger than 25ms can be
      unambiguously recognized). If the tick intervals are too far apart, then
      no sudden changes can be clearly observed, since the oscilloscope is not
      updated quickly enough. But with marker ticks, this is not an issue: If
      there's for example a tick every 100 ms, then the oscilloscope can be
      triggered every 100 ms. And, if every 20th tick is a marker tick, then
      time offsets of up to 1 second can be discovered, even though the time
      between ticks is 100 ms.
      The patch also applies some minor cleanup to the audiotestsrc documentation.
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