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added changes so far for a possible 3.4.1 release

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$Id: VERSIONS,v 2000/11/03 02:39:00 brianp Exp $
$Id: VERSIONS,v 2000/11/26 20:27:14 brianp Exp $
Mesa Version History
......@@ -775,3 +775,17 @@ Mesa Version History
- finished internal support for compressed textures for DRI
3.4.1 December ??, 2000
- fixed some Linux build problems
- fixed some Windows build problems
Bug fixes:
- added RENDER_START/RENDER_FINISH macros for glCopyTexImage in DRI
- various state-update code changes needed for DRI bugs
- disabled pixel transfer ops in glColorTable commands, not needed
- fixed bugs in glCopyConvolutionFilter1D/2D, glGetConvolutionFilter
- updated sources and fixed compile problems in widgets-mesa/
- GLX_PBUFFER enum value was wrong in glx.h
- fixed a glColorMaterial lighting bug
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