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Commit d148540e authored by Yiwei Zhang's avatar Yiwei Zhang Committed by Marge Bot
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venus: cap api version to 1.1 for Android

Android hasn't officially adopted 1.2 yet, so we just cap it to avoid
troubles(e.g. vkjson doesn't like 1.2 atm).
Signed-off-by: Yiwei Zhang's avatarYiwei Zhang <>
Reviewed-by: Chia-I Wu's avatarChia-I Wu <>
Part-of: <mesa/mesa!10258>
parent 7d234da6
......@@ -1250,6 +1250,11 @@ vn_physical_device_init_properties(struct vn_physical_device *physical_dev)
if (props->apiVersion > vn_info_vk_xml_version())
props->apiVersion = vn_info_vk_xml_version();
#ifdef ANDROID
if (props->apiVersion >= VK_API_VERSION_1_2)
props->apiVersion =
VK_MAKE_VERSION(1, 1, VK_VERSION_PATCH(props->apiVersion));
props->driverVersion = vk_get_driver_version();
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