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fixed a typo

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$Id: VERSIONS,v 2001/02/14 00:08:23 brianp Exp $
$Id: VERSIONS,v 2001/02/14 15:24:34 brianp Exp $
Mesa Version History
......@@ -795,7 +795,7 @@ Mesa Version History
- glPopAttrib() didn't restore all derived Mesa state correctly
- Better glReadPixels accuracy for 16bpp color - fixes lots of OpenGL
conformance problems at 16bpp.
- clearing depth buffer with scissoring was broken, somtimes segfaulted
- clearing depth buffer with scissoring was broken, would segfaulted
- OSMesaGetDepthBuffer() returned bad bytesPerValue value
- fixed a line clipping bug (reported by Craig McDaniel)
- fixed RGB color over/underflow bug for very tiny triangles
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