Commit 8f540284 authored by Connor Abbott's avatar Connor Abbott
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ir3: Reduce max const file indirect offset base to 9 bits

This fixes
which accesses the shader UBO with c<a0.x + 512> due to the constant
data UBO coming before it in the const file. The len_256 variant has a
smaller constant data UBO, so it uses c<a0.x + 256> instead, and that
works, so 512 seems to be the real limit.

Part-of: <!7573>
parent 8e11f056
......@@ -470,7 +470,7 @@ fixup_load_uniform_instr(struct nir_builder *b, nir_instr *instr, void *arg)
if (nir_src_is_const(intr->src[0]))
return NULL;
const unsigned base_offset_limit = (1 << 10); /* 10 bits */
const unsigned base_offset_limit = (1 << 9); /* 9 bits */
unsigned base_offset = nir_intrinsic_base(intr);
/* Or cases were base offset is lower than the hw limit: */
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