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......@@ -13,28 +13,34 @@ libfprint is built with [Meson Build System](
**If you installed libfprint from source before c5c5fcf (May 17, 2018)** please see [Uninstalling with autotools](#uninstalling-with-autotools).
apt install meson
git clone
cd libfprint
apt install ninja-build
# The doc recommends system-wide installation with pip, which might not be the best/easiest option.
# Here is how you can install meson in isolated environment:
python3 -m venv venv
. venv/bin/activate
pip install -U pip
pip install meson
## Trying it out
venv/bin/meson builddir_dbg
venv/bin/meson configure builddir_dbg -Ddebug_log=true
meson builddir_dbg
meson configure builddir_dbg -Ddebug_log=true
cd builddir_dbg
### Pre-requisites
YMMV. The best way to get all required packages and avoid installing unnecessary ones is to keep running `meson builddir` and installing the packages it asks for one-by-one.
libglib2.0-dev >= 2.50
### Capture
> This may require root
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