Commit fc397d3d authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans

parse: register constants with the right size

When we detect a constant while parsing a line, register it with the
same size as the argument of the opcode.
parent 6e418c21
......@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@ static void orc_parse_get_line (OrcParser *parser);
static OrcStaticOpcode * get_opcode (OrcParser *parser, const char *opcode);
static void orc_parse_log (OrcParser *parser, const char *format, ...);
static int opcode_n_args (OrcStaticOpcode *opcode);
static int opcode_arg_size (OrcStaticOpcode *opcode, int arg);
static void orc_parse_sanity_check (OrcParser *parser, OrcProgram *program);
......@@ -286,7 +287,7 @@ orc_parse_full (const char *code, OrcProgram ***programs, char **log)
if (o) {
int n_args = opcode_n_args (o);
int i;
int i, j;
if (n_tokens != 1 + offset + n_args) {
orc_parse_log (parser, "error: line %d: too %s arguments for %s (expected %d)\n",
......@@ -294,14 +295,14 @@ orc_parse_full (const char *code, OrcProgram ***programs, char **log)
token[offset], n_args);
char *end;
double unused ORC_GNUC_UNUSED;
unused = strtod (token[i], &end);
if (end != token[i]) {
orc_program_add_constant_str (parser->program, 0, token[i],
orc_program_add_constant_str (parser->program, opcode_arg_size(o, j),
token[i], token[i]);
......@@ -371,6 +372,21 @@ opcode_n_args (OrcStaticOpcode *opcode)
return n;
static int
opcode_arg_size (OrcStaticOpcode *opcode, int arg)
int i;
if (opcode->dest_size[i] != 0 && --arg == 0)
return opcode->dest_size[i];
if (opcode->src_size[i] != 0 && --arg == 0)
return opcode->src_size[i];
return 0;
static void
orc_parse_log_valist (OrcParser *parser, const char *format, va_list args)
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