Commit 697a7db9 authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans

test: add more tests

parent a62eefc1
......@@ -2378,3 +2378,110 @@ copyb d1, s1
.function video_convert_orc_convert_I420_BGRA
.dest 4 argb
.source 1 y
.source 1 u
.source 1 v
.param 2 p1
.param 2 p2
.param 2 p3
.param 2 p4
.param 2 p5
.temp 2 wy
.temp 2 wu
.temp 2 wv
.temp 2 wr
.temp 2 wg
.temp 2 wb
.temp 1 r
.temp 1 g
.temp 1 b
.temp 4 x
.const 1 c128 128
subb r, y, c128
splatbw wy, r
loadupdb r, u
subb r, r, c128
splatbw wu, r
loadupdb r, v
subb r, r, c128
splatbw wv, r
mulhsw wy, wy, p1
mulhsw wr, wv, p2
addssw wr, wy, wr
mulhsw wb, wu, p3
addssw wb, wy, wb
mulhsw wg, wu, p4
addssw wg, wy, wg
mulhsw wy, wv, p5
addssw wg, wg, wy
convssswb r, wr
convssswb g, wg
convssswb b, wb
mergebw wb, b, g
mergebw wr, r, 127
mergewl x, wb, wr
x4 addb argb, x, c128
.function bayer_orc_merge_bg_bgra
.dest 8 d
.source 2 g0
.source 2 r0
.source 2 b1
.source 2 g1
.source 2 g2
.source 2 r2
.temp 4 ra
.temp 4 bg
.temp 2 r
.temp 2 g
.temp 2 t
x2 avgub r, r0, r2
x2 avgub g, g0, g2
copyw t, g1
x2 avgub g, g, t
andw g, g, 255
andw t, t, 65280
orw g, t, g
x2 mergebw bg, b1, g
x2 mergebw ra, r, 255
x2 mergewl d, bg, ra
.function test_constant
.dest 8 d
.source 1 s
.temp 1 tb
.temp 2 tw
.temp 4 tl
.temp 8 tq
.const 1 c128 128
subb tb, s, c128
mergebw tw, tb, tb
subw tw, tw, c128
x2 subb tw, tw, c128
mergewl tl, tw, tw
subl tl, tl, c128
x2 subw tl, tl, c128
x4 subb tl, tl, c128
mergelq tq, tl, tl
subq tq, tq, c128
x2 subl tq, tq, c128
x4 subw tq, tq, c128
subq d, tq, c128
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