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Update NEWS for release

Signed-off-by: David Zeuthen's avatarDavid Zeuthen <>
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polkit 0.108
WARNING WARNING WARNING: This is a prerelease on the road to polkit
1.0. Public API might change and certain parts of the code still needs
some security review. Use at your own risk.
This is polkit 0.108.
Build requirements
glib, gobject, gio >= 2.30
gobject-introspection >= 0.6.2 (optional)
pam (optional)
ConsoleKit OR systemd
Changes since polkit 0.107:
Adam Jackson (1):
PolkitAgent: Avoid crashing if initializing the server object fails
David Zeuthen (5):
Post-release version bump to 0.108
Fall back to authenticating as uid 0 if the list of admin identities is empty
Dynamically load and cope with it not being available
docs: mention the audience for authorization rules
Update NEWS for release
Ryan Lortie (1):
build: Fix .gir generation for parallel make
Thanks to our contributors.
David Zeuthen,
November 14, 2012
polkit 0.107
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