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Update NEWS for release

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polkit 0.106
WARNING WARNING WARNING: This is a prerelease on the road to polkit
1.0. Public API might change and certain parts of the code still needs
some security review. Use at your own risk.
This is polkit 0.106. There's a major change in this release which is
a switch from .pkla files (keyfile-format) to .rules files
(JavaScript), see
for more information.
Build requirements
glib, gobject, gio >= 2.30
gobject-introspection >= 0.6.2 (optional)
pam (optional)
ConsoleKit OR systemd
Changes since polkit 0.105:
Colin Walters (3):
build: Check for mozjs185, not libjs Fix check for libtool (we only need libtoolize)
agenthelper-pam: Fix newline-trimming code
David Zeuthen (65):
Post-release version bump to 0.106
Add experimental authority backend using JavaScript rule files
Include seat and session in Subject object
Pass details to JS functions and simplify how Subject instances are constructed
Clean up code a bit
Add a couple of more error checks
Collect garbage
Emit ::Changed signal after reloading rules
Reformat init.js and also avoid quoting non-string properties in toString()
Make it possible for JS code to change details
Add polkit.spawn() to spawn external programs
Make polkit.spawn() take an array of arguments instead of a command-line
Don't include command-line in spawning error messages
docs: add AUTHORIZATION RULES section to the polkit(8) man page
Also add an example of polkit.spawn() to polkit(8) man page
docs: clarify how rules files work
Also load rules from /usr/share/polkit/rules.d
Use addRule() and addAdminRule()
docs: emphasize that registered functions may actually never be called
Add test cases for evaluation order
Test that subject.isInGroup() works
Add netgroup support
Minor doc fixes
Mention unix-netgroup:xyz as a valid return value in addAdminRule() functions
Add test-cases and 10 second timeout for polkit.spawn()
Create rules.d directories
Update docs
docs: enclose local <citerefentry> in <link> to make links work
docs: update SEE ALSO to make each man page point to all other man pages
Clarify docs a bit
polkitd: add reference to polkit(8) from its man page
Fix speling
Fix a couple typos in the docs
Mention details["polkit.message"] and add an example using details
Use <variablelist> instead of <informaltable> for Subject attributes
Make polkit_details_insert() remove the key if passed value is NULL
Add real-world example featuring udisks2 and the drive.* variables it passes
Rename --enable-systemd to --enable-libsystemd-login
Fix distcheck
Add a systemd .service file
Nuke polkitbackend library, localauthority backend and extension system
Mention systemd(1) in the polkitd(8) man page
Store private binaries in /usr/lib/polkit-1 instead of /usr/libexec
Add default rules
Pass expanded identity list to the AuthenticationSession
Use "rules", not "scripts" to refer to files in rules.d
Terminate runaway scripts
Use a condition variable to signal that runaway killer thread is ready
Combine action and details parameters
Clarify pkexec(1) variables
Use g_unix_signal_add() from GLib 2.30
Move polkitd into src/polkitbackend
Ensure polkitd is rebuilt if changes
Remove unused DBUS_GLIB_* and GIO_* variables
Run polkitd as an unprivileged user
Log when the name org.fd.PolicyKit1 has been acquired
Rewrite the "Writing polkit applications" chapter
Update links to udisks docs
Update pkexec(1) man page with example
Small updates to the "Writing polkit applications" chapter
State that authorization rules must not rely on SpiderMonkey features
Make it work when using ConsoleKit instead of libsystemd-login
Mention the implications of returning *_keep in an authorization rule
docs: add a "make sure your app works when there's no polkitd(8)" note
Update NEWS for release
Thanks to our contributors.
David Zeuthen,
June 7, 2012
polkit 0.105
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