Commit ed7e51eb authored by Heiko Lewin's avatar Heiko Lewin
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Merge branch 'font-oob' into 'master'

Add a bounds check to cairo_cff_parse_charstring()

Closes #444

See merge request cairo/cairo!90
parents b0ef04e2 467e7822
......@@ -1604,6 +1604,8 @@ cairo_cff_parse_charstring (cairo_cff_font_t *font,
} else {
sub_num = font->type2_stack_top_value + font->local_sub_bias;
if (sub_num >= _cairo_array_num_elements(&font->local_sub_index))
element = _cairo_array_index (&font->local_sub_index, sub_num);
if (! font->local_subs_used[sub_num] ||
(need_width && !font->type2_found_width))
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